About us

Welcome to Baby Hamper Gifts. In 2011, following the birth of my son Baby Hamper Gifts was also born. I was working in the corporate world, which was very fast paced. I had noticed following my baby shower that there was a gap in the market for unique baby gifts as my friends and family struggled to find gifts that were practical, of good quality and nicely presented.

Following the birth of my son I suffered with post natal depression. Setting up the company following days and nights of research in-between baby feeds, helped me regain my focus and before I knew it, I was bonding with my newborn baby and Baby Hamper Gifts was created.

We provide newborn baby gifts to new parents. We will often send our gifts directly to the recipient and we like to ensure that it becomes a gift experience. The senders can be grandparents, colleagues, family or friends so a lot of care and attention goes into each one.

The brand is built on thoughtfulness. Each gift, be it a Hamper, Gift Set, Nappy Cake or Clothing Bouquet, is created to order. We have the option through the website to Create Your Own Hamper or Gift Set. Each item that forms part of our gifts is carefully selected and we source our products from UK suppliers that we work closely with.

We are a team of mums, dads and grandparents that take pride in our work and have built a very loyal customer and client base for supplying baby gifts to colleagues and loved ones. We take pride in the quality of our work and our impeccable customer service has been paramount to our long standing success.

All of our products are unique. Each gift has been carefully thought out during our design process to ensure we have a balance of useful, practical and luxury. As a team of mums and dads, going by our own experiences, we have this part figured out.

We have long standing relationships with our corporate clients and many individual customers, who trust us to deliver gifts on their behalf. We take pride in this. Whether someone has a small or large budget, the same amount of thought, time and care goes into creating each gift.

We are always launching new products, we are far too creative not to. We have an idea, we discuss it, we visualise it and then we create it.

We have grown organically and have become a well known, respected and recognised award winning baby gift service within our industry along with our new and existing customers. We measure our success through our feedback and it’s evident that we keep going from strength to strength and with our great team, I would like to continue this way into our next decade.


Kris Perbe – Founder & CEO of Baby Hamper Gifts