Christmas Character Guide

Miffy Makes A Splash Unisex Baby Hamper

What comes to mind when you think about Christmas?

If you have children under a certain age, then the school nativity play may no doubt get you thinking about how to deal with the fallout if your little ones don’t get to play the leads of Mary and Joseph.

How about Christmas carols, candlelight services, Father Christmas, snow, heart-warming adverts, decorations, and delicious food? Of course, Christmas would not be Christmas without family-friendly movies like The Snowman and Miracle on 34th Street. What do these feel-good films all have? Adorable characters, of course!

So how can we combine all the magic of Christmas for your loved one who is on maternity leave or paternity leave at this glorious time of year? Simple – with our very own Christmas character guide of wonderful maternity gifts, paternity gifts, and corporate baby gifts. By the time you get to the end, you will be sure to have found a new favourite character for the new family.


The Snowman

Can you believe that this animated children’s classic has been doing the rounds since 1982?

Raymond Briggs was the writer and illustrator of the picture book that the film was based on. Did you know that the original song in the movie, Walking in the air was sung by Peter Auty? Aled Jones later went on to release covers of the song, twice.

The following Snowman items can be personalised with baby’s name and or messages. Check the individual item descriptions for more details.

Snowman and Snowdog friend’s bauble

Snowman and Snowdog wooden block sign

Snowman advent calendar

2. The teddy bear

The humble teddy bear makes an appearance in many lovely movies released around Christmas or with a Christmas theme. Who can forget the teddy in Sleepless in Seattle, who was left behind at the top of the World Trade Center and found by Meg Ryan’s character?

Here are our own beautiful first bears for baby which again can be personalised. These bears make ideal Christmas maternity leave gifts, paternity leave gifts and corporate baby gifts.

First Christmas teddy bear

Christmas teddy bear



Whether you call him Santa Claus, Father Christmas or St Nicholas, the original gift-giver argued his case in the film Miracle on 34th Street. Did you realise that film was first made in 1947 and then remade in 1994?

Once this bauble is on the tree, you’re reminded that Santa is on his way!

When you see Santa, you see his trusted reindeer

You can’t have Santa without his helpers.



Miffy is rapidly becoming a favourite to send as a maternity gift or paternity gift, but did you realise that Miffy bunny has been in her own Christmas movies? Have you seen the one narrated by her creator, Dick Burna?

Give this gorgeous Miffy hamper and help the new family on their own Christmas adventure.


Another bear, this time the Polar bear.

These gorgeous creatures are becoming extinct due to the shrinking ice in the Arctic, yet they are seen in movies associated with Christmas. The Polar Express is a popular film about a boy’s adventure to meet Father Christmas, yet you may not see any polar bears in the film as the ice in the North Pole is too thin for the bears.

Your loved one and family will adore this luxury polar bear stocking that can be personalised for baby.

A unique luxury maternity leave gift, paternity leave gift or corporate baby gift is not just for Christmas but all year round. As long as there are babies joining new families then there are delightful award-winning gifts available for your loved one or colleague. Give the team a call today.